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System Requirements

View System Requirements to see if your system is compatible with Baslogue®.

A License is Required

A license is required to operate this software.  Baslogue® licenses are sold with the option of a 30-day trial license.  This allows you to evaluate the software for minimal cost, before committing to a purchase of a full non-expiring license.  You will be able to use ALL of the features of Baslogue® during the 30-day trial period.  To purchase a license, click here

Download Latest Version

Baslogue® is available in two separate editions - the Standalone Edition and the Database Edition.  Please download the files that match the edition you have chosen.

Please note:  The ISBN Lookup feature in this version does not work, due to changes made by ISBNdb.com, the provider of the ISBN data.  These changes are outside our control.  The service provided by ISBNdb.com was previously a free service, but is now a paid service.  To support this paid service will require changes to our Baslogoue software.  These changes will be made as and when demand exists.  If you wish to use the ISBN Lookup feature in future, please contact Petrie Software to express your desire to use the new paid ISBNdb.com service.

Standalone Edition

This is a self-contained installation.  There are no pre-requisites required.  Simply download the following setup executable to your local harddrive, launch it, and then follow the prompts as appropriate.

Download - Baslogue Standalone Setup v1.3.3.1.exe  (17.7 MB)


Database Edition

The Database Edition requires at least one (and usually only one) Server machine, and one or more Client machines.  You must download and install the Server setup on the Server machine, and download and install the Client setup on each Client machine.  For further information refer to the instructions given in Installing the Database Edition.

Download - Baslogue Server Setup v1.3.3.1.exe  (4.61 MB)

Download - Baslogue Client Setup v1.3.3.1.exe  (18.0 MB)


What Is New In This Version?

To find out what has been included or fixed in this version or in a previous version, visit our Baslogue® product tracking page at:

        Baslogue Product Tracking

Sample Catalogue Items

If you are evaluating the Standalone Edition, to fully appreciate the features available - especially the search facilities - it is helpful to have a large number of items in the catalogue.  To make this easy to do, we have provided a sample catalogue import file below containing 778 items.

Once you have installed the software, download the sample file.  Then launch the software, and from the main menu select:

     File | Import Catalogue File...

Browse to the sample file that you have downloaded and click "Open".

All items in this file contain a Category value of "Sample" - to make it easier to identify these items later.  To remove these items, search for all items with a Category value of "Sample", select all of the items now showing, then click "Delete Items".

Click the link below and save it to your local harddrive.  (Depending on your browser, you may need to right-click the link and select "Save Target As..." to actually download the file.)

Download - Baslogue Sample Catalogue Items.csv  (0.05 MB)


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