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This webpage allows you to view all of the issues that have been logged for each product sold by Petrie Software.

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All bugs that have been found are logged, and you can see the status of each bug - i.e. whether it has been fixed yet, what version it is fixed in, etc...  We love it when you tell us about a bug!  To let us know, refer to this page - tell us about a bug.

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All new features and modifications to existing features (which are not classified as bugs) are also shown here once they have been included in a released version of software.  To suggest any new ideas for improvement, we encourage you to email us and discuss your ideas with us.

Listing of Product Issues

Please click on a product listed below to view all of the issues logged for that product:

Baslogue ISBN Lookup - please note:
  The ISBN Lookup feature in the latest version ( does not work, due to changes made by ISBNdb.com, the provider of the ISBN data.  These changes are outside our control.  The service provided by ISBNdb.com was previously a free service, but is now a paid service.  To support this paid service will require changes to our Baslogoue software.  These changes will be made as and when demand exists.  If you wish to use the ISBN Lookup feature in future, please contact Petrie Software to express your desire to use the new paid ISBNdb.com service.