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Petrie Software was founded by David Petrie in 2004, and is based in the Thornleigh / Pennant Hills area in northern Sydney, Australia. 

David has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry.

His first 13 years was spent with Professional Advantage (based in North Sydney), starting as a Junior Programmer and over time becoming a Team Leader and Chief Software Architect.  The software developed by David during this time was primarily accounting-based software sold to Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).  As Team Leader, David helped introduce Agile Software Development principles.  This included the introduction of such practices as Unit Testing, Iterations, Daily Stand-up Meetings and Pair Programming.

Since then, David has gained significant experience in running a small business through Petrie Software, and as such has a broad awareness of business issues and brings a well-rounded approach to problem solving that is appreciated by his clients.

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Mission Statement

Petrie Software is focussed primarily on the following:

Quality Software

Petrie Software uses many of the practices compatible with Agile Software Development.  For example:

Reasonable Price

It is the goal of Petrie Sofware to sell quality software at a price that is reasonable.  Almost anyone can create expensive software; some people can create expensive quality software; but the challenge is to create affordable quality software.

Customer Involvement

As the customer, your active involement is crucial to the success of the software development process - and in producing quality software.  By being involved, you can influence product direction, as well as have questions answered.   In this way, any issues you may have while using a product can be addressed.

To be involved, please make contact via email (see this page for email address). 


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