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Installing the Database Edition

The Database Edition consists of three separate components, all of which are required for Baslogue® to function:

For the simplest of installations, the Database can be installed on the same computer as the Baslogue® Server.  For more complex installations where you want to spread the load, or if you already have database software installed elsewhere, you may operate with the Database and Baslogue® Server on separate computers.

A Client License is required for each installation of the Baslogue® Client, and a Server License is required for each installation of the Baslogue® Server.  Licenses can be purchased online here

Depending on what database you choose to use you may need to purchase licences for your database software.  These are in additional to Baslogue® licenses, and are purchased directly from your database vendor (see information on Licensing below).

Licensing - Microsoft SQL Server

See here for the editions of Microsoft SQL Server that Baslogue® will work with.  The "Express" editions of Microsoft SQL Server are free for anyone to download and install - see here:


All other versions of Microsoft SQL Server that Baslogue® is compatible with require you to purchase licenses from Microsoft.  This generally involves the purchase of "Client Access Licences" (CALs) in addition to a Server license.  In order to be legally licensed you must purchase one CAL for each computer onto which you install the Baslogue® Client.  For example, if you install the Baslogue® Client on 10 computers, you will need to purchase 10 CALs for Microsoft SQL Server.

Licensing - MySQL

MySQL is an "open source" database.  It is freely available for anyone to download and install it.  As such, there are no extra costs associated with licensing for MySQL.

Installation Instructions

Detailed installation instructions are given below for the two most common types of installation.  Please refer to the installation that most closely matches yours, and adjust appropriately:


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