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Create and Manage Your Website

Allow us to take care of your website, so that you can concentrate on what you do best - running your business!

All you need to do is decide on the content, and then leave the rest to us.  We will manage the technical aspects of operating your website, including web page layout and the uploading of files to your live account.  We can also administer the email accounts for your company domain(s). 

We create clean and simple websites - like the website that you are viewing now!  It is simple, composed entirely of "static HTML pages" with minimal JavaScript code and no Flash or other embedded objects.  By creating such a simple website we achieve the following goals:

Our websites are compliant with Internet Standards.  All of our websites comply whenever possible with the most widely recommended standards as set down by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for creating web pages.  While not the latest official standard, the standard that we recommend and use for HTML to ensure the widest compatibility with all devices is HTML 4.01 Strict.  Compliance to this standard gives web pages the best chance of being indexed thorougly by search engines, and ensures maximum compatibility with the various web browsers in use.

As an example, this page that you are reading now is fully compliant with HTML 4.01 Strict - to confirm, select the following link to validate this page using W3C's own validator -- Validate this page with the W3C.

Our recommended Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Australian customers requiring hosting services is NetRegistry.  Once your account is set up with your chosen ISP you can pass over the technical administration to us.  Your ISP will bill you directly for all hosting and domain name services.


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to learn more.

We are located in Sydney, Australia.  If you are a Sydney-based business, we can arrange for an initial consultation at no-charge to discuss what we can do for you. 

We serve other areas within Australia, and globally.  If you are located elsewhere within Australia or globally, we still want to hear from you.  An initial consultation can easily be arranged over the phone.  Depending on the nature of the work and where you are located, we can arrange for a visit to your place of business.

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