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Custom-made Windows Software

We have significant experience in the creation of Windows-based software for business environments.  This includes sophisticated data management capabilities and rich user interfaces.  The founder and owner of Petrie Software has over 13 years experience in creating software for Financial Management Systems (FMS).  He is highly skilled in accessing and manipulating data using a variety of different databases - including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle(To learn more, see about us.)

We can create custom Windows software for whatever field or purpose you require.  Our software is designed to be easy to use, easy to install, and requires minimal hardware with little to no dependencies (the .NET framework is not used or required).  This allows you to make the most of any old hardware you may have, and also allows you to run our software efficiently on newer hardware at the same time as you run other software.

We will work closely with you to arrive at a desired outcome.  We employ many of the software development practices contained in the Agile Software Development methodology - which focuses strongly on collaboration with you, the customer.  We reduce risk by involving you in every step of the project, and we provide working software at regular intervals for you to review.

For an example of custom software developed by Petrie Software, please review the Baslogue product which we sell.

For technical details about how we create our custom software, including the development language used, see here.

Capture your unique business requirements with custom-made Microsoft Windows® software

Save time and money by using software that is specifically tailored to the way you do things

Hire us to develop line-of-business applications that streamline your business processes


Please contact David Petrie to learn more.

We are located in Sydney, Australia.  If you are a Sydney-based business, we can arrange for an initial consultation at no-charge to discuss what we can do for you. 

We serve other areas within Australia, and globally.  If you are located elsewhere within Australia or globally, we still want to hear from you.  An initial consultation can easily be arranged over the phone.  Depending on the nature of the work and where you are located, we can arrange for a visit to your place of business.

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