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System Requirements

View System Requirements to see if your system is compatible with SlideGen®.

Trial / Evaluation Version

SlideGen® can be downloaded, installed and used in "evaluation" mode for up to 14 days - during which time you are able to use ALL of the features of this edition.  Simply download the Setup file below, launch and follow the instructions.

Download Latest Version

SlideGen® is available in two separate editions - the full installation (as given below) and a free SlideGen® Viewer setup for showing existing SlideGen® presentations.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, you do not need to uninstall the old version - simply install the new version over the top of the old version.

Full Installation

This is a self-contained installation.  There are no pre-requisites required.  Simply download the following setup executable to your local harddrive, launch it, and then follow the prompts as appropriate.

  >>> Download - SlideGen Setup v2.0.0.6.exe  (17 MB) <<<  
This version may be installed as a trial for 14 days - download and install now!


SlideGen Viewer Only

SlideGen® Viewer is included in the above installation.  However, it can also be installed separately.  This allows you to show a SlideGen® presentation that was created using the full version, but show it on a different computer.  You do not need to purchase a license to install and use SlideGen® Viewer. 

  >>> Download - SlideGen Viewer Setup v2.0.0.6.exe  (3.4 MB) <<<  
This version is free to install - it is used to show existing SlideGen® presentations only


What's New In This Version?

If you are upgrading from version 1 and you want to know what is new in version 2, see our online help page:

        What's New in Version 2

To find out other information about what has been included or fixed in this version or in a previous version, visit our SlideGen® issues log page at:

        SlideGen Issues Log


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