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30-day Trial Licenses: $9 AUD per Client License -- $24 AUD per Server License
Full Licenses: $175 AUD per Client License -- $379 AUD per Server License

(Australian customers please note - these prices are G.S.T. exclusive.   10% G.S.T. will be added.)

MasterCard and Visa logosWe provide the ability to purchase via credit card using MasterCard® or Visa®.  After your payment has been processed by our bank you will automatically receive a credit card transaction receipt via email.  Once we have processed your license information you will receive an email from us with your official Tax Invoice or Receipt along with your License Serial Numbers allowing you to activate the software.  For further information about how your payment is processed click here.

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Order Form For Baslogue® - Database Edition

This order form is for the initial purchase of up to 3 client licenses and 1 server license.  If you wish to buy more than 3 client licenses, or wish to add more client licenses to an existing installation, please contact us. 

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1 Petrie Software Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian company operating in the state of New South Wales. When you purchase from us, you are transacting within the jurisdiction of New South Wales.
2 See our Privacy Policy for handling of personal customer details.


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