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"This product was exactly what I needed!  As a teacher librarian I spent 6 months volunteering at a school in Manvi, India.  My main aim was to change attitudes towards borrowing - before I arrived no one was allowed to borrow!  After putting all the books and students on Baslogue, lending was so quick and easy!  All the kids were keen to borrow; it took longer to convince the administration of the school why this was necessary!!!!!"
Dianna, Queensland, Australia
Baslogue® is an item tracking solution that is simple and easy to use - ideal for Small and Medium-sized Libraries!

Print out barcodes with Baslogue® and attach them to the items in your library.

Scan an item when one of your library members borrows an item - so that you know who took it and when it is due to be returned.

Library items can be tracked with a barcode, and extra information like the Dewey Decimal number can be entered into the system. All fields can later be searched for.

Checkout and Return procedures can be done solely with the use of a barcode scanner.

Or if your library usage is so low that you do not want to be bothered with a barcode scanner, Baslogue® allows you to perform item tracking tasks with or without a barcode scanner.

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